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 child(ren) believing
Hello!! I love your blog so much!! It's very awesome!!! I love all of your post.>< Still waiting for your update. ^_^

Lol me too. xD I’m glad you do and I hope to post soon!

I <3 all of your pictures

I”m glad you do, there’s more to come soon!!

Do you ship Jelsa?

I don’t ship.

hi! do you know where i can download rotg in hd? (like, really really hd?) it'll be great if you have a link or something, thanks for your help anyway! :)

TO tell you the truth, I have no clue. There was a link posted by the previous owner of this blog a long while back, but the language isn’t English (Russian I think) and the audio quality isn’t all that great. So I don’t have a specific answer for you there…except to buy it but that’s not the point of downloading it. x3

How do I know if I'm near of a Guardian? I'm not sure if i believe in them, but I really really want to! All my life I've been told they weren't real and I know they ae, but I'm afraid I don't believe in them. Could you please help me? Can I actually see them?

I believe you actually can, yes, but you do have to believe. I don’t think there’s any way to know you’re near a Guardian (there’s no Guardian-radar) except to look out for signs. Jack and Bunny both leave signs like frost on windows or an exceptionally green and budding rosebush.

When dogs look out the window and bark at nothing, are they actually barking at the guardians?

Potentially! It could be some other spirit though.